Time to clean house

It’s been said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Well our American society is broken, and it needs to be fixed. Lawmakers are constantly debating their opinions, and media experts are all weighing in.

In Jesus’ day the temple was in a mess. The temple was to be this holy place where sins were atoned for. It had become a place of commerce. When Jesus showed up he cleared the house with a whip. He said to them as he drove them out, “Get these things out of here! Stop turning my Fathers house into a marketplace”. (John 2:16) Jesus was strong and courageous and passionate. He was no wimp.

Jesus didn’t take on all of the brokenness in His society that day, but He did protect His Father’s house. We can’t fix everything that is broken in our society, but we can protect our house. As defenders of our homes we must protect those living there. Satan is the enemy to our culture and our homes. He has one goal: destroy. Jesus stepped up and singlehandedly took on all at the temple that day.

Jesus said, “Get these things out of here!” Maybe it’s a good time to clean house  and see if there are some “things” that don’t belong there. “Things” come in all shapes and sizes. “Things” could be from the internet, or television, or a bottle, even a fantasy or a bad attitude. If you aren’t sure if there are “things” that don’t belong in your house, ask God or search His Word. He will let you know. The animals and money changers didn’t seem to bother anyone. They had become a normal part of the temple. But when Jesus showed up, He immediately

saw the “things” that didn’t belong there.

I think our broken society can be fixed. I doubt that it will come out of Washington, D.C. I am confident that it will come from our homes. We must protect our homes and “Get things out” that don’t belong. The broken world can be fixed, one home at a time. It will take strong, courageous, and passionate mom’s and dad’s who aren’t wimps.

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