Remembering my mother

This morning Janet entered the following in her journal and read it to me on the way to church. I asked her to read it again as we drove to Marshall. It blessed me so much that I wanted others to read it, too. So, here it is:


July 1, 1995, my Mother went to be with the Lord. Thank you, God for my mother and all that I learned from her. The sounds and smells in the kitchen, that filled the house and shaped my life, her smile, her laugh, her hugs, and her wet kisses, and the sound of her voice singing the hymns in church, all remain in my heart and memory. Her open Bible on the kitchen table every morning when I got up, I can still vividly see in my mind. Taking Floyd, my younger brother, and me crabbing at the beach in the summer. God, thank you that she never gave up on having more children and how she delighted in us. I never heard her complain about being “too old for this”. Thank you, that I got to see the delight she had as Jeni and Laney, our first two children, came into our lives. Thank you for the example she lived out before me as a mother of her special needs son, as a neighbor and friend who shared fresh garden vegetables,  and took food to, and opened our home to widows. Thank you for the sweet talks we had in the kitchen as we cooked together and even the sweet memories I have of “cooking” in the kitchen as a little girl. My heart is overwhelmed this morning. You are so good, God. I am so blessed. Help me as a mother and an grandmother to be a light and an encouragement to my children and grandchildren. I am so rich.
Janet White July 1, 2018

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  1. Gail says:

    Love this!!!! Encouraged.

  2. Belinda Murphy says:

    So beautiful, Janet. Thank you and Bob for sharing this. We love you two and your family. Tommy & Belinda Murphy

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