Jesus is enough

Looking back over the Feminar® this weekend, I wondered what a common theme might be that we heard from each of the presenters, Cindy Beall, Janet White, Laney Wootten, and Selah. One thing came to mind: Jesus is enough. Cindy taught us how His Word can transform us. Simply put- Jesus is enough. Janet taught us that we should embrace our weakness and replace fear with faith and can have eternal security through Jesus. Simply put: Jesus is enough. Laney sang, “I know nothing is impossible, I know every chain is breakable, I know, on Christ the solid rock I stand.” Simply put- Jesus is enough. Selah sang, “I’ve got Jesus, how could I want more” thus once again-Jesus is enough.
When Jesus was standing on a mountain top with Peter, James, and John, suddenly  Moses and Elijah showed up. And when the clouds cleared and the fog rolled away it says this in Matthew 17:8, “When they looked up they saw no one except Him-Jesus alone.” No Moses. No Elijah. No Cindy. No Janet. No Laney. No Selah. Just Jesus alone. Jesus is enough. Jesus is enough on the mountain top of Feminar® and He is enough for the valley at home today and the days ahead. 

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