Follow me

Have you ever needed directions from someone and they just said, “Follow me.” It’s not always easy if you’re on a multilane highway or going through multiple traffic lights along the way. It’s really important that the leader keeps you in their rearview mirror or you could get totally lost.

Jesus was looking for a man called Phillip. Here’s what happened. “The next day He(Jesus) decided to leave for Galilee. Jesus found Phillip and told him, “Follow Me.” (John 1:43) The Greek word used here for “follow” means “to get on the same road”. Jesus told Phillip that day, as He was about to leave the town where Phillip had been all of his life, to “Follow Me.” or said another way, “Get on the same road with Me”. Phillip would never be the same. He immediately recognized Jesus as the promised Messiah. It tells us that Phillip went and found Nathaniel and told him that he had encountered the Messiah. Nathaniel questioned him and Phillip simply said, “Come and see.”

Jesus found Phillip, and Phillip found Nathaniel. Jesus is still seeking people to “get on the same road” with Him. He is actively pursuing a relationship with you. When you say yes to following Jesus, you can be assured that He will never take His eyes off of you in the rearview mirror. Sometimes obstacles impede our progress and slow us down. But be assured, you are never out of His sight. Keep following. After saying “yes” to Jesus, Phillip grabbed his friend, Nathaniel, and encouraged him to “come and see”. Someone you know needs to hear “come and see” from you, too.

Bob White

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