Add this to your “bucket list”

Janet laid down in the bed last night and said, “This is the first time I’ve sat down all day.” I think that was no exaggeration. Looking back, I remember that she stood while eating supper. We had grandkids there all day. “Worn out” is a good way to describe her. Jesus had been walking from one area to the next and it says in John 4:6, “…and Jesus, worn out from his journey, sat down at the well.”  Even Jesus got worn out. Even Jesus had to sit down and take a break. But while Jesus was there seeking refreshment, a divine appointment unfolded. A Samaritan women showed up with the same goal of getting some water. Jesus ignored the social custom of the day and spoke to her. She had something that Jesus didn’t have- a bucket with a rope, so He asked for a drink. In the course of the conversation, Jesus revealed that He had something that she didn’t have- living water, or put another way- eternal life. Her life was forever changed by a man who had no fear of being politically incorrect. Thirsty, worn out, and ready to sit down, Jesus saw the divine appointment and spoke up. 

We all encounter obstacles to sharing the gospel. We may be tired, or it may be politically incorrect  to talk about Jesus. Fear, social barriers, or maybe just feeling unworthy because of personal failures, can all keep the Good News shut up inside of us. Divine appointments come all the time. Jesus used His thirst to transition into sharing the Gospel that day. It doesn’t have to be awkward. Just be a genuine listener. Listen for clues that say, “I’m thirsty.”  Then, since you have a bucket and a rope, offer a drink. That’s worth putting on your bucket list.

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